i sometimes reblog things


i sometimes reblog things

when utaites somehow manage to bring less personality to the song than the vocaloid did

wait wAIT

didn’t hatos release on steam last week or something??

or is it september…


psa I have now started school which mean this blog will be 93% shitty text posts via my phone

come say that to my face nerd

come say that to my face nerd

sometimes I realize that jojos is older than me

while my mom was in a delivery ward adding me to this world there were people in Japan reading phantom blood

when you’re tired, really just about anything can be offensive to your senses

like your father barreling back and forth through the kitchen like a road roller of after shave

or your adorable dog happily greeting you good morning and deciding to celebrate life’s beauty by taking yet another lap around the house


Giorno interpreted as “bland” but jotaro being interpreted as having traits and personality is the most painful irony ive ever fucking seen


please write this essay bro. i want to read it and agree.


Your fave is problematic: konungarike

1) doesn’t like grilled corn on the cob or mashed peas

2) watches anime

3) can’t even tell Cosmic Mind and Sky Dream apart

4) spends a lot of time in stables. who usually hangs out in stables? that’s right. horses

5) their name holds a hidden, esoteric meaning, holding strong implications that they are actually a royalist

6) have you ever been to their blog? exactly

hey, why

sometimes i wonder what strangers following my blog think me and huppaduppa’s friendship actually consists of

insults and injokes, mostly